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Indoor games are the most evergreen entertainment activities that are loved by the people of various age groups.

Some games travel with us the whole life and increase our thinking skills and concentration. One such amazing game is carrom.

It’s the strategic board indoor game that needs analyzation skills. These days, the game can be played both on the national and the international levels. Carrom board is the game of concentration and control that you can just get through yoga, exercises, and pranayamas.

Now a days you can also select the best carrom game online for the good leisure time.

One should appreciate how far we have come with the technological evolution. It is particularly true while it comes about board games. And carrom is the most addictive and entertaining board game, which was originated in India.

A simple way of using the striker to put all the coins in holes might sound easy, but the strategy level involved & getting right angle will get you the Queen or can leave you with nothing.

The game is highly popular among Indian houses as everybody plays this game with their friends and family.

Despite, the fact that the fingers get hurt when flicking with the disks, but in reality, the game provides plenty of fun and everybody looks ahead to play this game. Carrom is undoubtedly one highly sought-after board game in India.

The game features wooden board, which comes square in the shape and includes four pockets. This can be played by a player when flicking its disc in any pocket of the carrom board. But, the primary aim of the game is collecting points when sinking the 9 carrom men.

It’s classified as the indoor board game but it’s quite the exciting and fascinating game. A person should have both physical and mental elements to play the game. But, this game is simple to play, understand, when playing its fun, and suitable for both adults and children both.

Choosing the Best Carrom Game Online

Today, carrom is available as the game on Android & IOS, doesn’t matter which area of this world you stay in, the simple access makes it a must-try game today.

One such game in Carrom Friends, it is the online multiplayer and family-oriented game, an amazing two player game, makes this the best games you would like to have it on your smartphone every time.

Do you want the Queen?? Join Carrom Friends to have real fun in your Carrom game!! With nine white and black soldiers, trying hard to catch the queen, the Carrom Games are the best games to play!! Thus, pick and select from the vast collection of the new and improved carrom games online!! You just have to pick and play from the carrom games and play with for kids!!

Whereas there are many options available on your Play Store, but, choosing the right carrom game is very important.

Carrom Friends is rich with many amazing options like having the experience of real carrom board, create your own online club, comes with 4 difficulty levels, choose from the freestyle, White or Black Play models competition and much more.

This game also offers a thrilling experience with simple navigation and you can invite and compete with all your friends over Facebook and level up!

Carrom Friends is one highly addictive game available in the Play store and also comes with different levels to keep you captivated. If you are an avid carrom fan, this game will keep you to come back for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and play online free Carrom Friends now and have the best time with your friends and family!!

The free games are filled with a lot of entertainment!! Playing carrom board games are an only thing you may want to do in a rainy holiday!!

The best part is these games can also be tried single handed!! Suppose you are getting bored with simple carom board games, then you must try your hand in the carrom new games, which include 3d carrom games, and pool games!!

Final Words

Thus, Carrom Friends is one of the best games for Android. The game provides amazing carrom experience with the realistic physics & cool graphics. You can easily download this game from the Google Play Store.

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