Carrom Game Vs Ludo Game

When you bring out the board games on Friday nights or on long holiday weekends, you know your kids will get huge benefits from this family time.

Besides teaching them about the patience, teamwork, or how to win or lose gracefully, the board games will actually benefit your kids’ brains as well as language development in the best possible way.

In this article, let me go over the different between two most popular board games that are often played in India and they are Carrom and Ludo games.

Both of them are considered to be the board games, but both offer different benefits to the players playing the game.

Continue reading to some, incredible benefits of the board games, just to refresh your chance of games.

Why Play Carrom Game?

Carrom is a popular board game that is played by two or four players against one another. The main principles of the carrom game is similar to snooker, pool, and billiards (without cues).

Objective of the carrom game is pot all the carrom pieces before the opponent, using right skill, determination as well as some luck.

There are a lot of health advantages of playing the game of carom that comes physically and mentally.

The studies have also found out that by challenging your brain with the mentally stimulating activities will highly reduce risk of being unhealthy.

This game gives you the best chance of getting to spend some quality time with your family that has become quite extinct nowadays.

Carrom itself in different forms and is played across the world especially in Asia. The game has got many names that include (carom, carrum, Indian billiards, karum, and karrum).

Carrom board and pieces are generally made from the wood though acrylic strikers & pieces are used as well.

Carrom is now becoming highly popular and now there are carrom competitions as well as carrom tournaments with carrom clubs online where you will meet many other players or socialise.

Also it is not at all possible to have the carrom board with you however there is the better way of practicing continuously without any drop is playing Carrom Friends , it is one of the best game that you can play online with your friends and family, carrom board game online, where you are able to play your favourite board with your friends and have equal fun.

Now, Carrom is being played in many clubs across the world. Carrom and Carrom Association were recently featured over Zee TV, and going out to many viewers all over the world

If you’re looking for a real carrom fun, then carrom friends is an ideal game, it’s recently launched online on Play Store & App Store, it’s a unique game where you can invite your friends and play with them, you can also add your friends and family in Carrom Friends.

Graphics are really awesome and smooth gameplay, it’s definitely worth trying once, whether you have played another online carrom games before or not.

Playing Ludo Game

Suppose you are looking to introduce your kid to the number concepts in the most enjoyable way, teach them Ludo.

The board game is the most effective tool for developing your kid’s numeracy skills as well as positional language.

Ludo also is perfect to reinforce the of colours, counting, as well as shapes that your child might have learned earlier.

 Children develop the creative ways to solve problems due to different shapes in board they need to try. Also it is not at all possible to have the carrom board with you always but there’s the better way of practicing continuously without any drop is playing Carrom Friends.

It’s a very simple game and is highly enjoyable for children and also for adults.  Just like other game, benefits of playing the Ludo game go beyond learning the math concepts.

This teaches the good sportsmanship, value taking turns, instils and sharing spirit of the competitiveness in the right way.

Thus, next time when you have a little time to spare, just bring out your Ludo game and turn the little one in a genius! Like we always state, education does not need to be boring every time.


Carrom and Ludo games are both the most interesting and enjoyable games that can be played with everyone in the family.

 Both the games offer different benefits to the players and children playing them. Just make sure you keep the habit of playing this game regularly with your kids and you will see the improvement yourself.  Online version of carrom, i.e. Carrom Friends is worth a try.

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