Different type of Shots in carrom game

Carrom is the table game quite popular in Asia and other Middle East countries. Being an Indian, I like to play this most popular game regularly with my friends and family at least once a week! Except for a fact that sometimes our fingers start hurting after constant flicking of these disks, it’s actually lots of fun! Next time when you gather over this board with your family and friends, you may want to keep some pointers in your mind that will make them think that you are the professional carrom player!

Side shot

It is one kind of trick that is used for hitting the coin in a pocket or competitor’s coins away. Hit your striker so it goes by the aimed disc with a part of the puck in touch with the coin part. Hit your striker ahead and when it goes by coin, it can push that coin in the opposite direction of side that was going to hit. For instance, a flicking disc in the right direction can push this in the opposite direction. Make to use this to hit the side pockets or affect move from the competitor.

Middle shot

Middle shot is one type of tricky method in the game that can easily be done at a starting stage of game. When all your coins are placed over the middle of a carrom board, the shot helps you hit 2 coins simultaneously. Whenever 2 coins are adjacent to one another by touching each other, you need hit your striker to shot on the space between two coins. Suppose it hit on the gap, the two coins must move in the opposite directions as well as reach 2 different pockets at a same time.

Alley oop

It is one amazing trick in case you are playing doubles game. Playing doubles game is a tricky thing because you won’t know what’s coming next, but strategy is a key. In way to do this is hitting striker in a way it moves your disc close to your pocket. When it’s the partner’s turn, they will easily hit this directly in your pocket. The teamwork at the best! Keep in mind not to use the trick very often making this strategy obvious to other players.

Thumb shot

This happens that after some time, finger that you use for hitting the discs begins to hurt. The trick isn’t just great to use this then but results in the stronger hit when it is properly. There’re not any rules to use the single finger for hitting the striker so that you will use the thumb for stronger hit. Form the circle by making use of thumb or index finger and then shot a coin by moving thumb forward on the striker.

Second Hit

The trick is used to pocket 2 coins at one shot if the coin is blocking out your hit to other coins on a carrom board. Target coin that will hit other coins and reach the pocket over the straight-line path. The carrom discs are important in the game a player needs to hit them to pockets by using other main disc called “striker” and “puck” over the carrom board. The game is quite interesting like chess or billiards where the special tricks are the primary moves of winning this game.

Cut shot

The shot can be played when the carrom men get placed at the center of aboard. You set the fingers on the striker and flick the fingers that will hit carrom men on the side of that pocket in which striker is placed. For example- if you’re playing the shot from the left side, you can play this cut shot towards the right side to score this in the right pocket.

Board shot

The tricky shot is only for the advanced players since it needs knowledge and experience. In the shot, you have to hit a striker in the direction, so it touches 3 various sides of the board in a way that the striker hits on the carrom men directly in the pocket of the side.


Thus, these are some of the most interesting shots that you must definitely aim and master it to become the professional carrom player in the long run.

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