Online Carrom Game Vs Carrom Board Game

World of sports is filled with both outdoor and indoor games by which you may sharper your skills in the best possible way. When we talk about the carrom board, it’s the most popular and exciting game among teenagers. Carrom game is the table game most popular in South Asia & Middle East countries. The game of carrom can be played online and offline with your whole family. Here in this article I will talk about both the version and also the history of carrom game. Let’s start:

History of Carrom

Carrom Board you know today isn’t the new game. This was played since two hundred years before in various forms. Many people think that this was originated in India itself whereas some think that this was originated in Burma and Portugal. For playing carrom game, you require the square shaped wooden board, carrom men, striker, and powder.

You also can buy the carrom board on internet on any good online website.

All these things help a person to concentrate much better and they will easily control flicking of their disks. Red ‘queen,’ will be pocketed any time but should be sunk before the last one. After you pocket queen, you should sink one of the carrom men, thus ‘covering’ it, in any pocket in a next shot, or she’s returned to its center spot. When the queen gets covered, whoever clears their carrom men wins the ‘game’.

Carrom Boards

Carrom board undoubtedly is the highly important part of the gaming experience. Playing carrom game on board is still considered to be the most enjoyable past time of the Indian family ever today. To play the carrom game on board, its surface must be dead flat. Playing surface must be very smooth to feel, without any bumps and irregularities.

Corner pockets must be nicely finished and round. The thicker frames provide much better rebound as well as stability, and the carrom boards with the polished wood frames usually are good quality than one with the black painted ones. Latter are generally made with the cheaper quality of wood with irregularities filled or painted over. Carrom board must not wobble when it is placed horizontally, or there must not be any kind of sharp edges and protruding nail and pin heads below. It ensures that striker will be flicked & not pushed. Other thing is to ensure that your striking finger stay close to the striker, and touching it. Object of this game is to sink your carrom men, by using heavier ‘striker’, at any pockets before the opponent does.

This game features the square wooden board that have 4 corner pockets as well as is played just by flicking the “striker” disc with your fingers at a target piece also known as carrom “men”. Here the main goal of this game is collecting the points by sinking 9 carrom “men” of your selected colour, and the “queen” piece, in the carom pockets before the other player does it.

Professional Online Carrom Tournament

An advent of the professional online carrom tournaments as well as formation of the federations all across the world actually has given a boost to many serious carrom players to play their favourite game online. Nonetheless, there is the long way for you to go before the game of “carrom” becomes the household name, with many worldwide who have not even heard this name.

Improves Family Time

Main advantage and attraction of playing Carrom game online is it give parents the best way of spending some valuable time with their kids. When the children play the game of Carrom, different educational skills will get enhanced. When playing these games a strong bonding is developed in the families. They offer an amazing chance to all the family members to sit together and relax and revive their minds. The game of carrom help to increase logical reasoning skill among kids. The kids will be playing as well as having a lot of fun; they will practice certain skills like reading, counting, eye hand coordination and visual perception and more. It motivates kids to involve themselves to the verbal communication healthy competitions, and focus all their attention. Many people practice various skills when playing the game of carrom.


Thus, with an advent of internet playing carrom game online with your family will appear to be the best thing. However, if you find a little time or arrange the game some time, it will help you to get a bit closer with your family members thus strengthening your family bond. Furthermore, it will help the kids to master the problem solving and cognitive skills.

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