Strategies, Tricks and tips for carrom game.

Carrom is a simple game that has a simple premise—just sink all your pieces before opponent sinks his—and even professional players will admit mastering this game generally involves -flawless technique. To improve your carrom strategy usually needs not just practice, but becoming totally aware of your position.

You need to sit with the comfortable distance between the carrom board and you. It is tough to balance if you’re sitting on an edge of a chair or you are sitting away from the carrom board. You might develop stress in the playing hand just by stretching out to reach the carrom board from your chair.

You need to change the body movement to rightly fit your shot. Suppose you are aiming a striker in the line to pocket, then line your whole body straight to that pocket. Suppose you want to bounce a striker to the pocket, the striker and your body must move in the same direction.

Maintain the consistent height to your carrom board. Stands and chairs vary in height from every board. Your grip might change in case your height changes. At times the addition of the pillow can help to improve the height of your carrom board.

Check Out Some Top Tips To Play Carrom

Flick your striker in various styles. There’re many techniques of flicking a striker like middle finger shots, index shots, scissor-style, and thumbshots. Index, thumb and middle finger shots place their corresponding finger close to a striker without moving this and flick it toward your carrom pieces. The scissor-style generally involves resting the index on your middle finger and close to striker, and releasing your index finger and making use of a middle finger to strike a striker. You can improve the accuracy just by changing the current flicking technique. But, drastic change might hurt your carrom game more than it will help you.

Improve the speed

Players face one of two common problems: there’s not enough momentum to sink piece in the pocket and hitting piece very hard that this bounces off the frame. Make use of the clear board for practicing sinking only the striker.

Decide if you’re hitting these pieces in the right spot. At times striker can move all along an exact line your goal for, however, the piece misses a pocket. Practice hitting right spots just by flicking out the striker at some pieces lined in middle of your board

Many casual players may find the simplified rules of the carrom useful to begin with the game. Normally speaking, two or four people can play the carrom game. Suppose 2, players sit on the opposite side of one another, while with four, opposite two are partners. For an exception, you may play with three players against each other to get more points.

Carrom Board

You need to arrange all the carrom men on the centre circle of a carrom board, with red ‘queen’ in the middle. Whites must be lined up and form “Y” shape, with 2 sides aiming straight towards corner pockets.


Every player sits on their side of the board and strikes only from that side. Contestant playing the white ‘breaks’ or who plays first that can be determined by a toss.

Understanding Basic rules

  • For the first turn, player will be allowed 3 attempts to “break” that is disturb central group of the counters.
  • Suppose player does not pocket any pieces and commits a foul, turn finishes.
  • If striker pockets Queen or pieces of her colour, player retrieves that striker and takes other strike.
  • No matter which piece a striker hits first or no matter if striker does not hit any piece.

Covering Your Queen

  • The player might pocket and cover Queen only if player has pocketed one piece of the player’s colour.
  • If player pocket a Queen before being allowed to cover, turn continues but Queen will be returned at the centre in end of your the turn.


So, use these following tricks aptly in order to play well as well as become professional in this game that will help you physically and mentally both. The game is quite exciting like chess and billiards where amazing tricks are main moves of winning your game.

If you want to practice you moves, anytime anywhere you want then you can checkout online carrom games. Carrom Friends is a game which you can definitely try. It gives you option to invite and play with your friends, which no other online carrom game offers.

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